Viona: production and export of essential oils in Madagascar

Viona is a brand of essential oil from Madagascar, extracted from world-famous and recognized plants from the Big Island.

The idea of launching ourselves in the production of essential oil to emerge very early in relation to the marketing of our products. We have indeed chosen to fully control each step of the production process of our essential oils, from cultivation to packaging.

We also specialize in the export of essential oil from Madagascar and aromatic raw materials.

Essential oil production and export

Mainly, we produce and export Ravintsara, Longoza, Lemongrass and Ginger essential oil.

Culture and export of raw materials

At the request of our clients, we cultivate and export raw materials, specific plants growing on Malagasy soil and used by the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry.

Eco-responsible, social and solidarity-based approaches

Following eco-responsible approaches, we proceed ourselves to the cultivation, picking and distillation of plants. We also carry out a campaign of reforestation and preservation of primary forest.
Moreover, at each step of the production of our essential oils, we collaborate with local people to contribute to their social and economic development.